MouseRobot is an easy to use macro recorder

  • reliable and fast intuitive macro recorder for any type of software
  • easy macro recording and editing
  • creating automation scripts without any programming skills
  • easy processing of any objects on the screen - buttons, list items, links, table cells, etc.
  • built-in powerful task scheduler to start macros automatically


Record macros easily with MouseRobot
MouseRobot macro recorder

MouseRobot is an easy macro recorder program for automating repetitive actions, such as filling out forms, image processing, installing and setting up programs, etc. Just record your macros with MouseRobot once and that does it. Macro recorder will be able to execute recorded macros by itself!

MouseRobot adds visual macro recording to any program! Macros represent a set of commands that can be easily applied by pressing just one button. Macros in MouseRobot macro recorder consist of simple and common steps, such as opening and closing programs, operations with objects on the screen, pressing keyboard keys and mouse clicking.

MouseRobot macro recorder features

  • Intuitive and extremely easy macros recording
  • Easy macro recorder records mouse and keyboard actions
  • Macro recorder automates user interfaces, recognizes forms, fields and buttons with Advanced Window Recognition™
  • Launching applications, opening documents and web pages, running programs or commands in macros
  • Conditions and loops can change the sequence of actions and automate repeated actions in macros
  • Variables and built-in functions for automatic data processing in macro recording
  • Built-in VBScript programming language for advanced automation tasks
  • With the MouseRobot Task Scheduler, you can launch macros automatically


Advantages of MouseRobot macro recorder


Accessibility of macro recording

MouseRobot is visual, intuitive and easy macro recorder. No programming during recording macros is required but it is available for complex tasks. The program interface is up to date and convenient.

Reliability of macros

Advanced Window Recognition’s™ advanced screen identification technology enables MouseRobot easy macro recorder to really "see" its own operations and easily prevent errors in recorded macros.

Versatility of macros

Any task in MouseRobot macro recorder is described using just a few steps such as starting and stopping a program, operations with objects on the screen and file manipulations. Also, MouseRobot macro recorder is able to execute Visual Basic Script (VBScript) programs in its macros; this feature permits to easily make macros for very complex tasks.
start up

Various methods of macros start up

Recorded macros can be executed manually and automatically with the built-in Task Scheduler by hotkey, at a specified time, when a specified program starts or ends, when a specified window opens or closes, when your computer is idle.

Conversion of macros into programs

MouseRobot macro recorder is able to convert recorded macros into separate programs that can run where program is not installed.

Easy editing and debugging of macros

MouseRobot macro recorder has an integrated debug tool that allows a recorded macro to be run step by step, to execute only selected steps, or automatically suspend the execution at a predefined step.

Advanced Window Recognition ™ technology

MouseRobot macro recorder produces one of the most error free technologies for Windows graphic interface recognition. The macros are divided into separate macro commands or steps, such as the program startup, searching objects on the screen, pressing keys and entering text. There is no need to record intermediate actions, thus the recorded macros are shorter and more visual.

accuracyAccuracy and flexibility during running macros

While running macros MouseRobot macro recorder can find the correct button (or any other object) even if the dimensions or position of the window and button have been changed. While searching the links on the web page, the macro recorder can automatically scroll through the contents. If the window of the automated program is minimized, the program will automatically maximize it. If the initiation of the automated program takes too much time, MouseRobot easy macro recorder will suspend execution of the macro until it becomes ready.

reliabilityReliability of macros

MouseRobot macro recorder monitors the running process. For instance, the execution of macros will be cancelled if a window with a button which should be opened was either not found or it did not contain the button.

speedSpeed of macros

MouseRobot macro recorder will perform a macro when the required object appears on the screen and the automated program is ready for operation. Therefore the speed of execution of macros is limited by your computer’s processing power as well as the execution speed of the automated program. Thus easy macro recorder works more quickly than a human being.


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I had tried other types of macro programs before, but have not used them because I don’t have time to learn how to do the things that MouseRobot offers to do for me in the main interface. This is the most useful program for me thus far!
Jiang Zhao

I would like to say that MouseRobot is a great program and it is fast and very easy to use. If you create an macro to go to a web site and do what you need on it, MouseRobot will perform most of actions instantly and just as fast as your browser can load a page! MouseRobot is real time saver!
Lisa Tomcic, web designer



November 11, 2010
New Feedback System


October 16, 2010
MouseRobot 2.0 released!

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June 24, 2010

MouseRobot 2.0
(beta-version) available


June 21, 2010

Site design changed!


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