Automation for beginners - how to start using a macro software and make a macro
Automation for beginners
  • Repetitive actions in your daily work
  • How to automate repetitive actions
  • Make a macro once and use it for years
  • Creating macros with MouseRobot
MouseRobot basics: how to record mouse macro and keyboard macro, ways to execute macros
MouseRobot articles
  • Creating macros, recording mouse
  • Adding steps to the task
  • Working with graphic objects (windows, buttons, etc.)
  • Execute and stop a macro
Automating work with applications and documents, using Windows commands
MouseRobot articles
Windows command
  • Make a macro to automate work with programs and documents
  • How to launch and finish programs, open Web-pages, execute windows commands, send to print documents
  • How to use Windows commands
Working with user graphic interface in MouseRobot macro software
MouseRobot articles
Graphic objects
  • Make a macro to automate GUI programs
  • Selecting right objects on the screen
  • Using hotkeys in GUI-automation
  • Filling forms
Automate program using variables and functions
MouseRobot articles
Using variables
  • Make a macro with variables and build-in functions
  • How to set a variable in a macro, types of variables
  • Adding variables and functions into a macro
Files and directories
MouseRobot articles
Files and directories
  • Make a macro to automate work with files and directories
  • How to create, copy and delete, pack and unpack files, automate work with group of files and directories
  • Using "Files and directories" snippets
Automating complex tasks using VBScript
MouseRobot articles
Using VBScript
  • Integrated programming language VBScript
  • Make a macro with a "Program" step
  • Function "Evaluate" to get value of MouseRobot variables and "SetValue" to set MouseRobot variables
Automate document processing by a keyboard macro
MouseRobot articles
Document processing
  • Make macro to create new document based on previously created template
  • Starting applications and opening documents
  • Using dialogs for data entry
  • Replacing text and saving document in a macro
How to take a screenshot and open it for editing it with a macro
MouseRobot articles
Take a screenshot
  • Make a macro to take a screenshot
  • Taking a screenshot and opening it for editing in the MS Paint
  • Scheduling recorded macro to take a screenshot by single keypress
AutomationBox Tools - make a free macro to take screenshots
AutomationBox Tools articles
Taking screenshots
  • Using "abtcapture" and "abtscrshot" utilities
  • Commands to take a lot of screenshots cyclically
  • Just copy them to a file, save and use it
AutomationBox Tools - collecting information from web pages
AutomationBox Tools articles
Collecting information
  • Selecting the content of paragraphs, URL links and appending them to the end of the document
  • Example of using AutomationBox Tools
  • Just copy commands to a file, save and use

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MouseRobot is VERY interesting program. I have had a few important & time consuming tasks and now MouseRobot does them for me! Thank you AutomationBox!
Neeraj Bhatnagar, software engineer

This is what I have been looking for. It greatly helps automate multiple mouse-and-keyboard procedures I have to go through day in and day out. My life has improved greatly by such a wonderful program.
Artur Beltz



November 11, 2010
New Feedback System


October 16, 2010
MouseRobot 2.0 released!

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June 24, 2010

MouseRobot 2.0
(beta-version) available


June 21, 2010

Site design changed!


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