MouseRobot basics: how to record mouse macro and keyboard macro, ways to execute macros
  • Creating macros, recording mouse
  • Adding steps to the task
  • Working with graphic objects (windows, buttons, etc.)
  • Execute and stop a macro
Automating work with applications and documents, using Windows commands
Windows command
  • Make a macro to automate work with programs and documents
  • How to launch and finish programs, open Web-pages, execute windows commands, send to print documents
  • How to use Windows commands
Working with user graphic interface in MouseRobot macro software
Graphic objects
  • Make a macro to automate GUI programs
  • Selecting right objects on the screen
  • Using hotkeys in GUI-automation
  • Filling forms
Automate program using variables and functions
Using variables
  • Make a macro with variables and build-in functions
  • How to set a variable in a macro, types of variables
  • Adding variables and functions into a macro
Files and directories
Files and directories
  • Make a macro to automate work with files and directories
  • How to create, copy and delete, pack and unpack files, automate work with group of files and directories
  • Using "Files and directories" snippets
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I love MouseRobot! An actual macro style recorder that operates by function rather than by cursor location. This is way easier to use and understand than any other macro program.
Aitken Rendell, technical support consultant

I am web developer and typically I have a lot of programs open. With MouseRobot I can run the single script, and a few seconds later my work area is ready to go! This is amazing!
Phill Judd, web developer



November 11, 2010
New Feedback System


October 16, 2010
MouseRobot 2.0 released!

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June 24, 2010

MouseRobot 2.0
(beta-version) available


June 21, 2010

Site design changed!


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